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We don't need any more stuff!

There’s a new trend making its way around Tik Tok – and it’s not a new dance routine that Matt and I are quietly learning behind the scenes!! It’s called ‘deinfluencing’ and is basically the anti-influencing movement we’ve all been craving.

For decades now, we’ve been consuming more and more and expecting bigger and better results at a faster and faster pace. It’s sort of like we’re expecting ‘stuff’ to make us happy. And I watched one great video that explained it as us always thinking we’re one product away from happiness.

As a self-confessed ‘shopper’, I’ve been working so hard to reduce my consumption levels and shop intentionally. I must admit that I love nothing more than a charity shop buy – but even buying second hand comes with its difficulties if we’re not buying intentionally.

Recently, we’ve had one of our most effective clear outs yet – full Marie Condo style! We distributed everything we no longer needed between piles: for sale, to give away to friends and family and to donate to (relevant!) charities. Clothes with holes in have been mended or cut up into rags if they’re too far gone and all the half bottles of shower gel etc have been used up.

Previously, this would have given me the permission I needed to go out and buy more. But this time, we’re finally left with the stuff we genuinely use day to day or that serves a purpose. And you know what? It feels flipping great.

I finally now feel like our house is on an even keel. Everything has a home, our cupboards and wardrobes aren’t full to the brim and we use what we have. It’s brought back such a feeling of control to us both and made us appreciate what we do have even more.

This time, instead of going out and buying new home décor or clothes, we’ve made a list of the bits that we know we would like, where they’d go or what we’d wear them with and will be buying each piece slowly and intentionally over time.

I think what we often forget when mindlessly consuming is that the quick dopamine hit of a new purchase is often overshadowed by the mental load that having too much brings. Let’s spend our time and money on what feels good, serves a purpose and brings us genuine joy – whether that be an investment piece, the finishing touches to a room design or an experience with good friends. That’s what we’ll be doing this year.


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