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Dave's Office

Room: home office

Dave started working from home during the pandemic and wanted to convert one of the bedrooms into a dedicated home office. His brief was to create an office that was somewhere he wanted to be and that gave a professional background for zoom calls.


In this space, we started from scratch. We pulled up the existing flooring and replaced it with Karndean and moved the radiator from under the window to a more appropriate space next to the door. We selected a designer radiator that tied in with the chrome accents throughout the room.


We updated the skirting to a deeper style and added loads of new electrics in to suit the nature of Dave's work.

The starting point for our furniture, colours and accessories came from the Bitcoin artwork that we chose which reflects his work and interest in the subject. Dave wanted the room to feel 'funky', so we picked the bright colours out from the piece in the form of chairs and cushions.

We chose a neutral complimentary colour for the walls and carried it up across the ceiling to bring the room together. 

The space naturally has three zones which we leaned into. The first being the seating area and the second - a record station. This materialised from an off-chance conversation with the electrician who commented on the amount of records in the attic when the lights were going in! I love to make focal points of the items you already own, so this became the perfect subject for our second zone. We sourced a teal sideboard that ties in perfectly with the Bitcoin artwork and added shelving for records above it.

Dave is into gadgets and tech, so it gave the perfect opportunity to splash out on a new Sonos turntable and speakers to get real enjoyment out of those records again.

Lastly came the desk area. We brought the orange and blue colours across from the artwork and picked up the texture in the desk and printer stow away. 

The room was finished with greenery to contrast the black hardware and polished finish with some softer, more natural features.

If you'd like to find out more about our Interior Design services, check out our page below.

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