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Ros & Dave's Room

Room: dining room

This dining room has a little piece of my heart. After Ros and Dave's children moved out, they wanted to reclaim their home and make it really feel like theirs.

The couple love food and entertaining family and friends, so we knew the dining room had to be focused around entertaining and include a large table that could seat their whole family.

Ros had recently been on an incredible cycling tour of Scotland and the photographs inspired the concept of the room. The natural shapes and tones against the bright sky and the jaunty angles bring so much character to this room.

The table was chosen first - because at 3m in length, she takes centre stage in here. We went for a warm, solid oak table to bring a natural feel into the space before adding the plush olive velvet chairs. 

We then added all the darker wood tones which tie together the natural wood with the earthy tones and softer beiges to make the room feel cohesive. One of my favourite details are the switches and sockets that pull the scheme together perfectly. 

The sliding doors are a great space saver - particularly as there are two doors into the room and they add loads more natural light. They also gave a great opportunity to introduce the black, iron finish to the hardware which we carried across to the light fitting and sideboard.

The space was finished with a beautiful olive tree and dried flowers that tie the natural colours and textures together whilst adding height and interest to the space. 

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